Types of Users on UTS EMS Edit

There are 4 main classes of users on UTS EMS, Admin, Manager, Sprout, Volunteer.

Administrator Edit

Administrators have power over the entire system. After the initial installation, they are able to initiate manual backups, modify un-protected data in the database and add managers/administrators to the system. It is expected that the administrator is familiar with database and website control before using this system.

Manager Edit

Managers are able to create additional managers, as well as volunteers, sprouts and visitors and also edit each of the details of these users. Their main role is to create and manage events and their respective activities as well as assigning the required volunteers.

Volunteer Edit

Volunteers are the highest quantity users of the system, using it to find appropriate events and activities they can participate in. Volunteers can be created by signing up to the system

Sprout Edit

Sprouts are paid volunteers who generally have higher qualifications or participate more regularly in events.

Visitor Edit

Visitors can be assigned to the system, mainly for a specific event. Examples being guest speakers, they may wish to view the event details, however interact with the system in no other way. Can be assigned to a specific activity/event by a manager.