Introduction Edit

This is a step by step guide aiding the process of successfully allocating or de-allocating a volunteer from the Event Management System.

Prerequisites Edit

In order to allocating or de-allocating a volunteer you must have Administrator or Event Manager Credentials.

Step by Step Guide Edit

  1. From the 'Event' Page, select an event you want allocating or de-allocating a volunteer.
  2. Navigate to the bottom right of the page, underneath the table you should see a manage button.
  3. Click the manage button.
  4. Select an activity you want to allocating or de-allocating a volunteer from the table.
  5. Click the manage activity button
  6. Pick a volunteer from the registered volunteer table
  7. Click the manage button
  8. Review the volunteer detail, click the allocate button if he/she can meet the needs.
  9. Now you can see the volunteer is on the allocated table.
  10. Pick the volunteer that you want to de-allocate on the allocated volunteer table.
  11. Click the manage button.
  12. Click de-allocate button.
  13. Now the volunteer is de-allocated.

Video TutorialEdit

Allocate Volunteer to Activity-0

Allocate Volunteer to Activity-0

How to Allocate a Volunteer to an Activity