How to: Add a Manager/ AdministratorEdit


This is a step by step guide aiding the process of successfully adding a Manager or Administrator account using the Event Management System.


  •  In order to Add a Manager or Administrator account you must have Administrator Credentials.

Step by Step GuideEdit

  1. From the 'All Users' Page navigate to the bottom left of the page, underneath the table you should see a 'Add New:' field with a drop down box.
  2. In the drop down box please select 'Manager'.
  3. Once Manager populates the field click the plus button right of the drop down box.
  4. You should be Directed to the 'User Creation Form', from here please enter the details as required, please note that fields with the symbol '*' are mandatory fields and must be populated to successful create a new account ;
    1. Enter UTS ID for the account which will be required to login to the system; this must be a numeric set of characters.
    2. Enter the desired password for the account, this will be emailed along with the ID to the User and will be required to Login
    3. The drop down box labeled 'User Type' is where you distinguish whether you would like to add an Event Manager or Admin; please select appropriate field.
    4. Enter Given Names; This field requires Alpha characters
    5. Enter Surname; This field also requires Alpha characters to be considered valid
    6. Enter Primary/ Secondary E-mail address; please note this must be a valid email address
    7. Enter Primary/ Secondary Phone number; please note this must be a valid phone number with or without an area code
  5. Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the User Creation Form to create the new user.
  6. A prompt should appear which will state the new users addition to the database, please click 'OK' to continue
  7. The User has successfully been added to the database; scroll through the user list to find their credentials.

Video TutorialEdit