Events are created by managers and can have a set of activities and volunteers assigned to them.

Creating an EventEdit

Once a manager has logged in they can create an event by going to the "Events" tab in the navigational bar at the top of the screen and then selecting the "Add New Event" button at the bottom. The event creation screen will appear, on which the manager should enter as much information as possible about the event. Key details include name, description, times and locations.


A manager can also be optionally assigned to an event. Whilst not required, an assigned manager will receive email updates by default.

Activities Edit


After creating an event, specific activities can be created for it, allowing for improved organisation. This can be achieved by selecting the event from the radio button on the Events page, and then pressing the "Manage" button at the bottom.

From here, the details of the event can be modified and by selecting the "Add new activity" button, activities can be easily added to the event. For activities, fill in as much information as possible and then select the "Submit" button. Many activities can be assigned to the one event to allow for high levels of organisation.